Original Lipizzan Stallions of Austria
2015 Schedule of Events

Winter Training Sessions
Thursdays & Fridays 3 pm ~ Saturdays 10 am
beginning December 18th thru April of 2015
2015 Taste of Myakka Benefit
A Very Special Event is taking place at our ranch!
Dr. Lew Sterrett is coming on March 16!
Lessons of Leadership from the language of the Horse

The program topic is "Capturing the Heart".
Beginning at 6:30 pm Monday night, March 16th
and lasting for about two hours.

Dr. Lew will illustrate that the success of a trainer
is in their ability to coach a horse or an individual
to reach their full potential.
The key to this success depends upon the trainer's ability to capture the 'want to' or heart passion
of the one being trained. 
The core issue is trust, which can be won or lost.
The ability to develop & grow one's trust
is dependent upon 6 progressions.

During this program, learn how a horse
being trained to ride for the first time
parallels the training of a child, athlete, or employee. Understand how effective training is dependent upon the effective application of 6 specific progressions.
This program will illustrate helpful applications for
Parenting, Coaching, and Leadership!
For more information about Dr. Lew Sterrett

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